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Retainer Agreements

A retainer agreement is a contract between a lawyer and a client that sets out what services the lawyer will provide for the client, the lawyer and the client’s obligations during the course of the retainer, and the cost of the lawyer’s services.

At Lloyd Family Law we do not ask you to sign standard form retainer agreements. Rather, we work with our clients to craft individual retainer agreements.

Summary of Retainer and Fee Arrangements

At Lloyd Family we offer retainer options that fit each client’s unique financial circumstances. Lloyd Family Law offers:

Traditional Comprehensive Retainers

  • With Hourly Rates
  • With Flat Rates
  • With Capped Fees

Limited Scope Retainers

Traditional Comprehensive Retainers

Generally, the traditional comprehensive retainer model presumes that a lawyer will be responsible for all legal tasks throughout the whole legal process, including trial, if necessary.

When the retainer agreement is signed a monetary legal retainer will usually be requested. This monetary retainer is a specific sum of money which is collected by the lawyer in advance of work commencing and held for the client in a client trust account. Hourly rates are typical in such arrangements. As the lawyer completes work, the client is billed and the lawyer deducts the necessary funds from the client's portion of the trust account.

The sum of money paid to the lawyer as a retainer is not a quote of the cost of the legal services. If further funds are required to complete the work they will be requested from the client before further work is commenced, or billed to them as the work continues. If the work is completed and funds remain in the retainer they are to be returned to the client.

Lloyd Family Law accepts traditional comprehensive retainers for all matters. They will be required for complicated legal or financial matters.

Limited Scope Retainers

Limited scope retainers or unbundled legal services refer to the provision of legal services for part, but not all, of a client’s legal matter by explicit agreement with the client. Otherwise, the client remains self-represented.

At Lloyd Family Law we are forthright about accepting limited scope retainers, where appropriate, to meet our clients’ needs.

An example of a limited scope retainer would be where a client retains a lawyer to prepare all of their court pleadings, but does not retain the lawyer to appear in court for him or her. Another typical case is where a client retains a lawyer to assist with drafting and attending at an important motion, but resumes self-representation after the motion has been argued and settled or determined.

A Limited Scope Retainer May Be Declined: Note that each family law case is unique. A careful analysis of each case will be undertaken to determine if a limited scope retainer is appropriate. Where it is impossible to render the contemplated services in a competent and ethical manner, while under a limited scope retainer, such a retainer will be declined.

A Limited Scope Retainer May Not Be Confidential: The limited scope retainer will always be disclosed if a failure to disclose would mislead the court or an interested party.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

In addition to acceptance of limited scope retainers, where appropriate, we are prepared to discuss flat rate or capped legal fees.

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